Launch of the Infinite Possibilites Foundation (INPOF), New Delhi

The Infinite Possibilities Foundation (INPOF), New Delhi,

a nascent entity on the academic and public policy firmament, but one anchored, in its constituting mandate of quantitatively and qualitatively improving and enhancing India-Latin America relations, as part of its Launch Event, recently hosted a Strategic Interaction session of the Ambassadors of Latin American and Caribbean countries (GRULAC) with Shri Suresh Prabhu, Hon’ble Union Minister of Railways and India’s Sherpa (Special Envoy) to the G20.  The said Conclave, themed as ‘Envisioning an India-Latin American Strategic Partnership in the 21st Century’ was convened, at Hotel ‘The Lalit’, on Monday, 14th September 2015, and was participated-in, by Ambassadors and/or senior representatives, deputed to the meeting, of no less than sixteen Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

The meeting commenced, with a Presentation, of the newly founded Infinite Possibilities Foundation (INPOF), where details about the proposed rationale and envisaged dimensions of activities of the newly established entity, committed to connecting India & Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), in myriad yet unprecedented ways, was disseminated-to and shared-with, the august participants. Shri Suresh Prabhu, through his keynote address, spoke with much eloquence and insight, about the pressing imperative for the regions of India and that of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), to work closely together, towards harnessing intrinsic complementarities in pursuance of forging operational synergies for mutual beneficence. He stressed on the need, to move beyond an ostensibly transactional relationship fulfilling mutual dependence, to fostering a comprehensive and strategic template of engagement, wherein, either side can emerge as integral stakeholders in moulding each other’s growth and development trajectories, as also in shaping the consensus on global commons. He made a cogent pitch for the Foundation and fervently argued that it play a prominent role in bridging the divide through encouraging greater economic interchange, more societal interface and convening the youth on either side.


The GRULAC Ambassadors, for their part, concurred with the Hon’ble Minister’s vision for prospective relations, placed on record their own sense of optimum about the future course of interchange, yet also emphasized, that unless India got its act together and accorded the LAC region, greater priority in its policy calculus, as also progressive incandescence, in popular consciousness and imagination, then, New Delhi shall remain a laggard and be found playing distant fiddle to Beijing, in terms of finding traction for its interests and stakes in the region.


The conclave also witnessed the participation of senior functionaries of the ruling BJP party, through the esteemed presence of Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe (National Vice President), Shri Ram Madhav (National General Secretary), and Dr. Vijay Chauthaiwale (Convenor & In-charge, Foreign Affairs Dept.), respectively. Speaking on behalf of the Party, Dr. Sahasrabuddhe recalled the deep civilizational commonalities that peoples of India and LAC region share and pointed to the Diaspora, that have shaped nation-building in the islands of the Caribbean. He unequivocally reaffirmed, that under the inspiring, dynamic and visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi, India-LAC relations were poised for a quantum leap, rooted in the principles of mutual respect and accommodation and interchange directed at advancing the cause of people-centered and governance-based developmental priorities. He effusively complimented the initiative of the Co-Founders of the Infinite Possibilities Foundation, in launching this body and expressed confidence that it would make a stellar contributing to building multifaceted engagement, going forward. .



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